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Image from Pohnpei Eco-Adventure

Premium Location for Reaching Pohnpei's Best Dive Sites

Located on the west side of Pohnpei, our dive operation can access some of the best dive locations on island within minutes.

Pehleng Pass, Dawak pass, and Kehpara wall are only fifteen minutes from our boat launch. Other sites along the southern region of Pohnpei take between 30 minutes and one hour. From these locations, divers frequently see schools of barracuda, manta rays, and a variety of reef sharks.

Located 10 miles from the infamous Ant Atoll (pictured below), it takes only 30 minutes to reach. We have been diving Ant Atoll for decades and have some dive sites that are known only to us.

Pakin Atoll is a diver's dream! Located around 20 miles northwest of Pohnpei, visitors may see one of the cleanest and dynamic underwater worlds in the Pacific.

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